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Jaffery Academy Mombasa

An international school that strives to provide quality education and to give students opportunities to exploit their potential in order to grow academically, spiritually and socially.


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Jaffery Academy Mombasa, the hub of Empowering Minds and Building Confidence.

An international school located in coastal city of Kenya, Mombasa.

We uphold the following values:

We believe that all children can learn at their own pace given the right environment, time and support hence we never lose focus of the uniqueness of each child under our care.

Our ultimate goal, to empower minds and build confidence in all our learners so that they can make a difference in society.

For learners to acquire 21st Century learner skills, they need to be exposed to a balanced curriculum, rich in knowledge, skills and meaningful experience – hence the use of the British National Curriculum – an ambitious and engaging curriculum tailored to the child’s development stage at each level.




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Year 7 - Year 13


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Pre k through year 13

Why Jaffery Academy is the best solution for your child's education

As a Mombasa based international school, we have a wide range of services, programmes and resources that are of international standard, available to support the provision of student centred learning.


The presence of three libraries has ensured improved academic lifeline through research and an avenue for leisure reading.


The outstanding laboratories in Senior and Junior schools has guaranteed that our students have hands-on experience in sciences.


At Jaffery Academy, we enhance these skills through spacious and creative Art rooms, unique Art lessons and inspiring Art clubs.


Our academic pillar is held together by three well equipped ultra-modern ICT rooms in Nursery, Junior and Senior schools.


With a wide range of sports & games, and modern playgrounds, it has been possible to improve mental health and promote healthy active lifestyles.


Interactive platform that allows for recorded and real time lessons where learners can move at their own pace and ask for help without fear or intimidation.

Recent Events

Take a look at our vibrant progressive learning experiences.

Senior School Unity Week Art Competition

Annual Senior Sports Day 2021

Unity Week 2021

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Our Alumni

Muhaimina Janmohamed Alumna Class of 2019

As a Jaffery student, I am highly grateful to have been exposed to several opportunities(Academic and Extracurricular) that enabled me to become an individual who has been able to achieve success in various fields.

Neelam Molu Alumna Class of 2012

The dedication and sincerity of the teachers helped to fine tune my education, providing the ideal medium upon which I managed to conquer my fears, embrace my true self and fulfil my dreams.

Luvay Hamid Alumnus Class of 2006

It is an honour to have had a strong foundation for 13 years during my study at Jaffery Academy. My teachers at Jaffery moulded me to the person I am today!

Murtaza Bhujwalla Alumnus Class of 2012

In this dynamic world and ever-growing industry, it is paramount to remain unchanged from your core values and principles and the teachers at Jaffery Academy have a vital role in engraving this belief in me.

Zainab Karim Alumna Class of 2010

I am grateful to the Jaffery Academy for identifying and valuing my skills, and for setting up the resources that encouraged me to keep progressing as a writer.

Roshan Panju Alumnus Class of 2005

Work hard. Create your own luck. People maybe richer and more successful than you, but you can always outwork anyone-that’s always within your control.

Azra Dhanji Alumna

My desire to assist, guide, and heal others comes directly from those who taught me. My story, while still not finished, is the creation of a character my early education teachers helped inspire and I hope to continue to live a life of service to humanity one patient at a time.

Kasun Perera Alumnus Class of 2013

I appreciate the time and knowledge that was passed on to me from all the great teachers of our time. It wasn’t just about the books, they offered valuable life lessons and showed us the correct path. All in all, they moulded us into the fine characters that we are today!

Shakeer Garwan Alumnus

It was a privilege to have met some of the best teachers that are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and innovative in their approaches towards teaching. It was a pleasure to have met beautiful souls, where I cherished all my moments together with them.

Deepak Davdra Alumnus

The various activities and events made me see my true potential as a person, be it a debate or a conference, the support I received from the school was phenomenal. My journey was great. I got to learn from my mistakes and was allowed to think freely beyond the four walls of my classroom.

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