The Yr 6 students went on their educational trip on 11th June. The students and teachers left for the park at 6.00 am.
They were driven to the park through Mazeras, Mariakani and Mackinon. They then embarked on a mid morning game drive through the Bachumu Gate. Learning has never been this fulfilling. The students who were hawk-eyed throughout observed various animals in their natural habitat. They were awash with excitement at Lugard Falls. With careful steps, they ambled down the slippery bank of River Tsavo… So rivers do exist? They found out. Then came the most magnificent sight… a Eureka moment…Meeting the Queen of the Jungle face to face. Our students were lucky enough to witness her hunting moves. They learnt a lesson on patience when they saw her stalking her prey with flawless patience. Truth be told, the memories carried from the trip will take ages to fade away.

At Jaffery, we explore, we discover , we learn