After many days of reading, research and preparation, January 17, 2020, marked the First Round of the Jaffery Academy’s Annual Inter-house Debate.

The Spartans (Proposing) were to engage in a verbal battle of wits against the Knights (Opposing) featuring the Motion: It is in the Interest of Africa to Align Itself with the West and not China. Both sides showed prowess in presenting their well-researched content. Their respective basis of argument were both eye-opening and entertaining while the rebuttals were lively. Eventually, the Spartans were declared winners of the Round.

The Second Round of our Inter-house Debate featured the Samurais proposing the Motion ‘The UN exists more for the Developed Nations than it does for Developing Nations’ against the Vikings. It was a close competition though in the end the Proposing Samurais won the Motion.

The final round was breath catching to the end! But finally the Spartans (Opposing) ruled the day and won the Motion – Women Empowerment is a Myth in Developing Countries – against the Samurais(Proposing). What a powerful final!

Congratulations to all the participating Teams!