Let’s get Creative Inter-House Challenge was held across the Junior school. This exciting event was a unique opportunity for students to engage in the challenge at home whilst still feeling part of their houses.

The activities involved creativity, innovation and expression of artistic ideas. Talents, skills and knowledge were on display as members strove to bring as many points as possible to their House’s basket. Concept integration like calligrams, symmetry balance, and writing skills were evident in the pieces of work presented to our team of final  judges.

Year 1 and Year 2 were challenged to make an acrostic poem in relation to their sporting houses. What a magical play of words it was! It was amazing to see vocabulary being used so creatively and uniquely! Unfortunately, we can’t display all the work but to each and every student well done for all your efforts… we are so proud of you!

Year 3 and Year 4 were asked to design face masks to represent their sporting house. Creativity and Innovation screamed loudly through these masks. It was crystal clear that indeed the attachment towards their houses is unbreakable. Do have a look at our top 5. Sadly we can’t display all the masks but we say thank you to each and every student who participated. Keep up the spirit and be proud of being a participant… We are proud of you!

Year 5 and Year 6 were asked to explore name art ideas and creatively represent their house name artistically. Each child was tasked to recreate their house name using letter art ideas. It was fun to see subject integration in this task like calligrams and symmetry balance. Elements of art were used skilfully to represent their name art ideas! Well done to all participants, although we can’t share all the work submitted here, we loved seeing every creation. Well done and keep it up. We are proud of you!