Debating equips learners with skills in argumentation, research and public speaking. As these skills are pertinent in the formation of a holistic student, the Senior school Languages Department organized the annual Inter-house Debate.

The First Round saw the Samurais proposing the motion ‘ONLINE EDUCATION IS AS EFFECTIVE AS TRADITIONAL ON-CAMPUS SCHOOLING’ against the Vikings. Both Teams put up stiff competitive arguments for their position.

In the end, the Vikings won the Debate.

In the Second Round, the Knights were proposing the motion ‘COVID-19 WILL BE HERE LONGER, SO PHYSICAL SCHOOLING SHOULD JUST RESUME FOR ALL LEARNERS IN KENYA’ against the Spartans. All the Debaters proved firsthand knowledge of the subject in discussion.

It was a close motion to call but the Knights carried the day..

This was an inaugural online debate that was hosted in the Jaffery VLE. Our Students once again have proven resilience and adaptability during this abnormal time of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Congratulations Team Jaffery!