Presidential Awards Induction

The induction started with the assessors from the Presidential Award Scheme Kenya guiding the students in group making and distributed the roles amongst them from the first aider, navigator, quarter master, flora and fauna etc.

The first activity was the 6km to the beach for community service clean up. The teamwork was well shown from the walk, beach clean-up and recording of the events on the way. The resilience and enthusiasm shown by our students was commendable.

Then the students were led to interactive and educative sessions like first aid training, navigation and map reading and tent pitching. Later dinner was prepared by the students in their various teams and it was all a range of delicacies, from pasta, sausages and French fries. The team work was superb. The campfire lighting was exciting and the students had fun participating in team building games.

The students had an exciting and epic experience and said they long for more expeditions in the near future since they feel more equipped with survival and life skills.

Well done to the Jaffery Academy PA Club members for finishing their induction successfully.