Alumni Stopwatch 3 – Dr. Mubeen Afzal Janmohamed

I have graduated medical school, completed my specialist physician training and am currently working as an Epilepsy medical specialist and researcher in Australia.

The foundations of my academic-clinician career have been and continue to be heavily influenced by the culture and values of Jaffery Academy, Mombasa which I attended from 1990-2004 (14 years) for my junior and senior school years. Life is about a continuous learning journey and the early years of junior and high school are crucial in providing a foundation you can always rely in your career.

The world is very dynamic and inter-disciplinary foundational knowledge is important and every subject and class should be taken with interest. You might end up using this knowledge in any future career you embark on.

Jaffery Academy combined a culture of Islamic values, excellent teachers and a great administration in my years and I hope this great institution can continue in producing outstanding graduates.