Alumni Stopwatch 3 – Dr. Mercy Bruba

Jaffery Academy has been a valuable pillar to me, having spent the early 15 years of my life in this loving and nurturing environment. In the real sense, Jaffery Academy is my home; the Board of Directors, the teachers in the nursery, Junior and High school and the entire staff moulded me into who I am today, by imparting values of care, love and respect.

I left Jaffery Academy when I was 19 years after the completion of my A Levels and joined University having a good foundation and confidence in my worth, education, discipline, faith and respect for all people around me. I learnt about working hard and reaping the fruits of my hard work, I learnt how to push myself to attain and achieve whatever I wished for.

With the amazing childhood friends, I had made while in school I learnt about genuine and pure friendships and this helps me when choosing my friendships even in adulthood. My teachers remain my mentors to date, I now know and understand that they poured and shared all their knowledge into me so that I can be the very best version of myself.

I acknowledge all that was done for me by this amazing institution and I will forever cherish the memories and hold them dear to my heart.
Thank you Jaffery Academy!