Alumni Stopwatch 4 – Furqan Valli

Jaffery Academy provided me with a fantastic platform to learn and grow myself. All three stages of the school offered a holistic approach to learning and development. The school was committed to delivering high-quality education within a dynamic environment combining Islamic education with the best of the British curriculum where I benefited from a broad, balanced, and faith-based education system. The school also offered a range of sporting and extra-circular activities that all students were required to actively take up, based on individual interests and preferences. This allowed each student to explore their potential in academic, sporting, creative, and moral development. The school positioned me well to further develop my skills and knowledge during my further studies and work experience. I completed Law school in the United Kingdom. I graduated from Cardiff University. I later returned to Kenya where I attended the Kenya School of Law to prepare for admission to the Kenyan Bar. I was admitted as an advocate of the High Court of Kenya in 2021. I am currently an associate at Dentons Hamilton Harrison & Mathews, one of Kenya’s highly acclaimed law firms.