Tukutane Event: Celebrating 75 Years of Education

The KSI Education Board recently celebrated its 75th anniversary as part of the KSI Community Tukutane event. It was an honour to welcome dignitaries, alumni and community members to celebrate the institute’s successful journey. 

Mr Gulamali Alibhai, Hon. Vice Chairman of the KSI Education Board, in his well-worded speech, presented Jaffery Academy’s growth in the foundation stage and the substantial progress over the years. He shared the stories of success, the integration of Islamic ethics and global perspectives into the school system and most importantly the vision for the school.

This was followed by Dr Mohammed A.H. Jaffer, Chairman of the KSIJ Mombasa, who strongly applauded the successes achieved and believed that Jaffery Academy Mombasa is the leading educational institution at the coast and is poised for greatness. 

The valuable Vote of Thanks was given by Mr Masumali Meghji, Hon. Chairman of the KSI Education Board. He appreciated one and all for their attendance and continued support for the institution.