Alumni Stopwatch 5 – Dr. Vandana Anand Kariyal

Jaffery Academy. Where to start? Having done 90% of my secondary education from this institution, I’d say Jaffery Academy played a vital role during the most crucial portion of my schooling.

I joined Jaffery in Year 8, and the transition was a piece of cake. My absolute favourites, Mr Ger, Mr Calvin, Mr Makokha, Mrs Nguti, are people that when I think of it now, conversed and communicated to students in a way that developed us to become independent and opinionated individuals, for which I am extremely grateful.

Having been a member of the Senate and the Deputy Head Girl of this institution, I’d say I gained immense confidence and Jaffery pushed me to pursue great heights. Friends that I made here are for a lifetime and that is something I am extremely grateful for. School is not just somewhere where only academics are taught but a place that enhances and nourishes us to become good humans.