Junior School

Interschool French Quiz 2024

Once again, Jaffery Academy hosted the Interschool French Quiz competition. We were fortunate to have six schools participate, enhancing our learners’ proficiency in the French language and providing them with the opportunity to socialize with students from other schools. We extend our appreciation to Mr. Lucas from Alliance Française for judging the event.

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Junior PrizeGiving Day 2023

Our students’ achievements from academic to creative talents were nothing short of remarkable. It truly was a commendable academic year. On the special day Dr. Luvay, our Guest of Honour, with his words of wisdom, reminded students that the journey itself is a treasure trove of learning and growth.  His words resonated deeply with our

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Year 6 Graduation 2023

The Year 6 Graduation took place on 1st July 2023. Adorned in purple and black, the graduates walked proudly on the red carpet as their teachers paraded on either side to cheer them. Inspiring speeches by the Class Representatives, Guest Speakers, the Head of Junior School and the Guest of Honour illuminated the atmosphere in

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Dahwul Ardh Art Contest 2023

Jaffery Academy Mombasa had its first-ever Dahwul Ardh Art Contest on Friday 9th June 2023. Students from all sections participated in the innovative challenge. It was amazing to see such creativity and talent.  Certificates were awarded to all participants and the winners received gift vouchers! Congratulations to the winners. Excellent work boys and girls!

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Year 6 Trip 2023

The Year 6 students had a treat of a lifetime. They visited Tsavo and had a wonderful experience. They observed animals and plants in the Savanah, dined in a 5-Star hotel shopped at various shopping malls and above all had lots of fun with team building activities. It was a dream come true!

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Sungura Scouts Camp 2023

The Sungura Scouts embarked on an unforgettable one-night camp that will go down in history. Let’s dive into their incredible adventure! The excitement was palpable as the Scouts arrived in style, ready to conquer the great outdoors. The camaraderie among them was truly inspiring, as they showed us the true meaning of teamwork and cooperation

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