Fathers’ Day Football Tournament

As fathers were celebrated across countries during the Father’s Day. Jaffery Academy marked this day with a fun-filled sports event, the Nursery school organised a Fathers Football Tournament, it was a wonderful afternoon which was graced by the K.S.I Education Board chairman who kicked off the event.

Dahwul Ardh Art Contest 2023

Jaffery Academy Mombasa had its first-ever Dahwul Ardh Art Contest on Friday 9th June 2023. Students from all sections participated in the innovative challenge. It was amazing to see such creativity and talent.  Certificates were awarded to all participants and the winners received gift vouchers! Congratulations to the winners. Excellent work boys and girls!

Year 6 Trip 2023

The Year 6 students had a treat of a lifetime. They visited Tsavo and had a wonderful experience. They observed animals and plants in the Savanah, dined in a 5-Star hotel shopped at various shopping malls and above all had lots of fun with team building activities. It was a dream come true!

Sungura Scouts Camp 2023

The Sungura Scouts embarked on an unforgettable one-night camp that will go down in history. Let’s dive into their incredible adventure! The excitement was palpable as the Scouts arrived in style, ready to conquer the great outdoors. The camaraderie among them was truly inspiring, as they showed us the true meaning of teamwork and cooperation …

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Pre-K My Parent and I Fun Day

It was an exciting and enjoyable fun day for Pre-K learners during the “Parent and I Fun Day”. They had fun learning through play by engaging in different learning activities with their parents. These activities promoted the little ones and their Parent to engage in activities that help develop fine and gross motor skills, eye-hand …

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Poetic Menu 2023

Jaffery Academy Mombasa Junior School learners ended their second term in style as it is their norm. The event – ‘Poetic Menu!’ – served their audience with a variety of eye-catching and soul-soothing poems in different languages. No learner was left out! Have a glimpse at some of the unforgettable moments during the end-of-term event.

Ramadhan Iftar 2023

Jaffery Academy Mombasa hosted its ‘UNITY WITH HUMILITY’ themed Iftar on the 4th of April 2023. The highlight was an inspirational talk by the renowned Sheikh Nuru Mohammed who gave us food for thought as he shed light on the theme. One and all prayed together and enjoyed a delicious blessed Iftar.

Nursery Sports Day 2023

Ready steady gooooo…. The Nursery Sports Day was all about having fun and enjoyment. Sports play a great role in keeping children happy and focused and this was evident today as our learners showcased their sporting prowess. What an exciting and interesting event. Kudos to our students for a job well done