Senior School

A Message from the Head, Senior School

We encourage an inquisitive aptitude, we propagate for depth of knowledge, we equip our learners with Skills for Life. We Care

Ger Obura

Welcome to the Jaffery Academy Mombasa Senior School

The Jaffery Academy Senior School offers a friendly atmosphere for learning where every student is accorded the opportunity to uniquely thrive. This spark of excitement to learning ensures that learners build self-confidence while at the same time becoming socially and emotionally intelligent for meaningful coexistence when in the company of others. All learning is choreographed with an element of pleasure for maximum retention of knowledge.

A life-changing education is our ultimate aim here at Jaffery Academy Senior School. We view our learners as potent individuals venturing in the business of getting their minds transformed in order to impact society in their own right. This is in line with our motto: EMPOWERING MINDS, BUILDING CONFIDENCE. And this is our mainstay: to change the learner who in turn will change the world.

Our educational approach is founded upon a holistic model as envisaged in our mission where students are to grow Academically, Spiritually and Socially. The Jaffery Academy Senior School is a strategically well-resourced institution to this end. Here, ‘Lives are Changed and Destinies are Shaped’ – lesson after lesson through meaningful relationships.

Learning is a lifetime enterprise. The sustenance of this cause is by imparting an inquisitive mind into our learners. This enables our students to acquire problem-solving skills which are essential for being competent in any sphere of life. Teachers utilize inquiry-based learning, which requires the learners to take initiative rather than become passive recipients of information. Beyond Jaffery Academy Senior School learning never stops! It is the ‘DNA’ of our Graduates.

Our Aim

The main aim of Jaffery Academy is to provide quality Education and to give students opportunities to realise their full academic potential, while at the same time developing social skills in a bid to fulfil the school motto; Empowering Minds, Building Confidence.

Year 7 - year 10
AS & A Level

Our Curriculum

At Jaffery teaching and learning is centered around the student and their needs. We respect and welcome these young adults and inspire them to achieve their dream.
The Academy follows the London IGCSE curriculum. We offer a number of subjects which include: English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Geography, Literature, Business Studies, and Accounting, Economics, and Global citizen, French / Kiswahili, Art, Pure Mathematics and ICT. These cater for the varied interests of our learners.

Accounting and Economics are introduced in year 9 while Pure Mathematics and Literature are introduced in year 10.
In year 11, students sit for the London IGCSE examination offered by Pearson Edexcel Examination Board- an international well recognized examining board.
The International ‘A’ level is a two-year program for students in year 12 and 13. Subjects offered at ‘A’ level are Core Mathematics, Mechanics, Statistics, Further Pure Mathematics, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Accounting, Business Studies, Economics, ICT and Law. Other subjects that are available include History, Geography and French.

All students completing A’ level are supported into identifying and getting a placement into Universities locally and internationally for their desired courses. We aim at all times to motivate students to further their studies and excel even further in their chosen field of study.
Our qualified and experienced teaching staff are on hand to facilitate, guide and support the students. This is well reflected in the outstanding results achieved by our learners over the years.